Rabu, 15 Disember 2010

~ The HEALING PoWeR oF Touch ~

Many articles, both personal and scientific, all attest to the healing power of touch. Children who were deprived of sufficient loving touch often grow up to be somewhat cold and distant in relating to other people. Other children who were abused either physically or whatever can also have relational and emotional difficulties as adults. While they hunger for touch, touch can trigger their painful memories of past hurtful experiences and revive all those associated negative emotions.

As adults, we still need the healing power of touch. If we don't get this need met in healthy ways, we can become physically ill, emotionally starved, that only add to one's emotional deprivation and sense of loneliness.

So, how do people get their needs for touch met?
If you are a woman, hug your sister, your mother, little children, and your friends. If you are a man (men need touch just as much as women), and don't feel comfortable yet in hugging other men, start touching your brother or friend on the arm, or patting him on the back. In time you will learn to be comfortable with a good bear hug from other men.

Me Says:   So..start Hugging now..he he he...

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