Ahad, 26 September 2010

~Free Download: Kamus Rujukan 2006 ~

Free Download: Kamus Rujukan 2006

Hey friends,

Another great free downloadable item just for you. Maybe some of you already got this but if you don't, just download and keep it in your laptop, desktop and USB drive so that you also can share with others.

Koleksi Rujukan 2006 is a collection of references that must be owned by each family, especially if there are among the family members involved in direct or indirect, in the academic activities, either as students, instructors or others. It consists of a number of sources, such as Kamus Melayu-Melayu, Kamus Inggeris-Melayu, Kamus Inggeris-Inggeris, Kamus Komputer, Tesaurus Melayu, Kamus Simpulan Bahasa, Kamus Peribahasa, Istilah Sains Dan Matematik and others

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