Rabu, 15 September 2010

~Ring Tones Ayat Qur'an Hukumnya HARAM!?~

To:All Muslim Brothers

Fatwa: - Saudi Council of Muftis have given an unanimous Fatwa,"Ring tones on QURAAN AYAAT are Haraam because the AYAAT are not complete when we pick up the phone and the meanings of the AYAAT change when they are no completed.QURAAN is for HIDAYATH and are nor for "RING TONES".Please inform all our Muslim brothers and sisters as well be advised".

Don't say "MOSQUE",always say "MASJID".Because the Islamic Organizations have found as "MOSQUE" =" MOSQUITOES".

Don't write "MECCA".Always write correctly as "MAKKAH" because "MECCA =HOUSE OF WINES".

Don't write "MOHD".Always write completely as "MUHAMMAD" because "MOHD=THE DOG WITH BIG MOUTH".

Forward this to many MUSLIM as you can. =)
Semoga Bermanfaat!

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